Helping you care

Getting a Young Carer’s Needs Assessment

Some people start caring when they are very young and don’t realise they’re carers;  other young people become carers overnight.  You might have become a carer because someone in your family fell ill with Covid19 and needs a lot of support right now.  You may want to really help them but does that mean you should?  There are some caring jobs only an adult should do and you shouldn’t spend a lot of your time caring for someone, as this can stop you doing well at school or doing other things children and young people like to do

It’s really important you think about the care you give someone, and if you’re the right person to help them.  As a young carer you are entitled to ask for a Young Carer’s Needs Assessment.  It’ll help you and your family decide what kind of help you all need, how to help you carry on doing the things you like to do, how to be able to go to school and look at what you want to do now and in the future.  It doesn’t matter who you care for, how much, or what kind of, care you provide or are planning to provide in the future.  If caring is affecting your health, education, friendships or social life you should ask for an Assessment.

Download Norfolk Young Carers Needs Assessment Guide – Jun 2020 which has been created with participation from members of Norfolk Young Carers Forum in partnership with Norfolk County Council.

Young Carers Transition Assessments

When you start moving towards being an adult the way you receive and access support/services changes.  This can put you at a disadvantage to your friends who don’t care for someone.  It’s important that you get support to make the transition into adulthood as smoothly as possible and you don’t fall between the cracks of Children’s and Adult’s Services.  Becoming an adult can be a challenging time for you and the person you look after, so it’s important to have all of the information, options and choices about caring and what you want to do.  You can work with a youth worker from Young Carers Matter Norfolk to look at your choices and put together a plan to make sure you are doing what is important to you.