Advice for Young Carers

Covid related support

Covid has made life more complicated and difficult for many young carers.  Your education will have been interrupted, you may be doing more caring than usual for a family member and there are all the extra anxieties and precautions around catching and passing on the virus.   If you are a young carer, you and your family can get additional support to help keep everyone safe and well and to ensure you do not fall behind with your education.

  • Vaccines for 16+
  • Targeted mental health support
  • Lateral flow tests
  • Extra support if you need to isolate
  • Education catch up
  • Digital/IT support
  • Transport to get to vaccination appointments

Get in touch if you need info/advice about any of the above or if there is anything else you are concerned about. Use our Quick Enquiry Form or call 0800 083 1148